Governments in real life, governments on TV and movies, military forces and others always make it seem that a firing squad is a punishment to the person who will be shot. Common sense would lead a person to know that a firing squad is not a punishment to a condemned person, but a warning to those who are not about to be shot. And even though a firing squad is not a punishment but a warning, these various organizations still make it sound as if it is a punishment to the person who will be shot. Although there is the psychological torture that comes with knowing that you will die soon, there is also a breaking point where the person who will be shot welcomes their death and considers it a release. And if that breaking point does not happen, after the person is shot he will no longer feel anything. What form of hell would it be if a firing squad was the form of punishment that these various organizations make it seem to be? What if being shot was not fatal? What if it was something that caused psychological torture, intense physical pain and then afterwards you had to pick yourself up, wash yourself off and deal with the thought that it may happen again?
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