Life  9:32 A.M.     December 1, 2010  The average life expectancy of a male in the U.S.A. is 75.65 years.  If I live to that exact age, I have 1,492,642,647.10 seconds left to live.  If I sleep eight hours a night for the rest of my life, I will sleep 497,547,549.03 seconds.  Leaving me with 995,095,098.07 seconds of time that I am awake.  If I retire at the age of 62, only work 40 hours a week, have all major holidays off and two weeks of vacation a year, I will work 182,194,560 seconds.  I now have 812,900,538.07 seconds of free time that I am awake.  For the rest of my life, if I eat three meals a day, take fifteen minutes to eat each meal and ignore the time to prepare or order these meals: 46,645,081.23 seconds.  Leaving me with 766,255,456.84 seconds of free time to call my own.  For the rest of my life, if I use the toilet three times a day, for five minutes each trip: 15,548,360.41 seconds.  If I use sixteen minutes a day for hygiene, e.g. a ten-minute shower and brush twice a day for three minutes each time, I will spend 32,133,278.13 seconds in the bathroom.  That leaves me with 734,122,178.71 seconds of free time possibly remaining in my life.  734,122,178.71 seconds equals 23.26 years  I am 28 and I possibly have just 23.36 years of free time left.
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