Tea  Tea bagging: The act of dipping one’s testicles into something, usually the mouth of another person.  Why do we feel the need to put our balls into things?   Is it because we don’t want our nuts to feel left out?  We already put every other thing that hangs off of us into others… our penis, fingers, fist, toes, tongue and nose. Why not throw our testicles into the mix?  Is it because we feel compelled to put our testicles into things, this compulsion being a similar one to our compulsion to put our penis into things? Have years of evolution programmed us to have this desire? Does our poor brain, locked away within the skull and on the opposite side of the body, not know the difference between our dick and our balls? Science has already proven that our brain has a very distorted idea of how our bodies look, i.e. the cortical homunculus.   	Is it about dominance? 	If we can put our balls, one of the most sensitive parts of our body, into something without the fear of being hurt, then we know that we have complete dominion over it!  Or do some of us tea bag simply because it’s good for a laugh? Guys will do a lot of odd and funny things with their junk just because it amuses us. In the 90’s, MTV had a sketch comedy show called “The State”. A reoccurring character named Louie had a catch phrase, “I wanna’ dip my balls in it”. It was funny because it was kinda’ true. Some of us really do want to dip our balls in it.
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