Smear  Late… Very late.  Drinking with your girlfriend and other friends. A drunken fight with your girlfriend.  Tired… Very tired.  Time to drive home.   This is Texas… so it’s, like, whatever.  You’ve made the drive from her place to yours a thousand times. The drive requires almost no thought. It’s all muscle memory. The car is parked in the garage and you walk in the house.  No need to turn on the lights. You’ve walked through the house a million times.   There’s no need to see where you’re going.   You subconsciously know the path is 11 steps through the kitchen, two into the living room, turn left, four steps and a turn to the left for the stairs, 10 steps to the landing, each step is ¾ of a foot high, do a U Turn on the landing and up another 10 steps, turn right, walk 9 steps to the bedroom and walk straight across the room to reach the dresser.   ***   Your eyes are closed and your face is very wet. The moisture on your face is cold. Your mind interprets this chilly dampness as a cold sweat.  Drank a lot. I guess it makes sense.  You realize you are lying down. Under your damp face is something that feels like carpet.  You finally open your eyes and begin lifting your head.  Yup, it’s carpet.   You notice a dark puddle on the carpet where your head was. Why am I sweating so much? You know you are in your own bedroom and look towards the window. The only light source is a little sliver of moonlight finding its way through the window.  So that’s why I’m only seeing in black and white, there is not enough light to see in color… Thanks Dr. Phillips for that little, fun fact.  You pick yourself off the carpet, begin to wipe the sweat off of your face and notice there is just so much. You walk to the bathroom. No need to turn on the lights as you walk. You know the way.  Positioning yourself in front of the mirror, you squint your eyes to prepare for the sudden burst of light. Reach through the darkness, you hit the light switch.  RED… RED… SO MUCH RED!  Your face is covered in blood and your hands are covered in the blood you wiped off your face. You immediately remember the puddle in the carpet. You run back to your room and turn on the lights. You were right. The puddle is red. Because of the lights, you acquire a new piece of information. The dresser has a red smear all the way down the front of it.  It all makes sense now.  I passed out in front of my dresser. My face slammed into it and slid down the front of it. I hit the ground and proceeded to heavily bleed on the carpet…   fucking idiot.
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