Smear  The conscience mind can be turned off like a light switch. By quickly applying pressure to the blood vessels in the neck, you’re out like a light.   It happens so quickly. There is no fade out and fade in. You do not slowly black out or slowly wake up. One second you are standing looking forward, the next second you are on the ground looking at the ground. Your memory edits the two moments of consciences together seamlessly. It’s as if you were never unconscious. You just happened to move from standing to laying down in a less then a nanosecond.   But, you know that you were unconscious. Your mind and body can sense that you have lost time and you ignore what your memory is telling you. The video proves that you were unconscious for seven seconds. The paint smear on the wall charts the path of your fall.  You try it again. Perhaps with practice you can somehow hold on to and experience that moment in between states of conciseness.   It slips away from you once again. You were standing and now you are on the ground… there was no in between.  You try again. You felt nothing! There was a fleeting moment in between the two states of conciseness! You felt nothing… but nothing is something! You were standing, then you felt and experienced nothing, finally you were on the ground.   You try once again. You feel that moment of nothing again.   One more time…   Blue??...   You were standing, then you experienced “blue”, finally you were on the ground. But you did not experience the color blue; you experienced the concept of blue. While you were unconscious, you did not see or dream about something blue. You felt that oh so fleeting thing within your mind that grasps the concept of the color blue.  You have had a breakthrough. You stand up to try one more time. As you stand, you stumble and fall over.   You realize you have a headache.  Unfortunately, you must stop.   You are so angry at the limits of this stupid body you are stuck within.
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