Silence  A living body at rest is still in motion, so very in motion.    The Silence  Sit down and do not move, not even a millimeter. Sense how much you move, even when you are not moving.   Proprioception  The faculty of sensing the position, location, orientation and movement of the body and its parts.   I dislike this place. I dislike this lonely place within me that I have now discovered.  My mind’s perception of time and space is so different from the outside world once I am disconnected from it. I sit up straight, but my body fatigues. I feel my back try to rest; I force it to become straight again. But, where exactly is straight? Using the box and the ground and trying to remember where my back was in relation to my arms, I move my back to where I believe it was straight.  My neck cramps and my head drops. I try to move my head back to where I thought it was. I only have my soar neck as a reference point. My head is so far away from the rest of me.  A cold bead of sweat rolls down my side and I involuntarily shiver slightly. I must now readjust my entire body due to the shiver. I try to remember where my chest felt it was in relation to the ground under my feet, the box under my thighs and how far away it was from my stomach. How far away was my chest from my stomach? How far away was it from my upper arms?   How long do I want to do this? I have been sitting here for fifteen minutes so far, or is it less? Could it be more? I have completely lost track.
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