Cock Rock  Cock Rock consists of three components: 1)	A Dick Joke 2)	The Male Instinct To “Peacock” 3)	The Sublimity Of Rock & Roll   A Dick Joke  What is an electric guitar? A phallus. It is a ridged, wooden and spear shaped object that is usually suspended at groin level and is played, stroked and fingered.  A guitar is not a complex instrument. It could easily be redesigned. If it could be redesigned, then why do we continue to make it look so phallic? Convenience.  It is shaped the way it is to work best with the abilities of our bodies. Therefore, this instrument is at its most convenient when it is suspended at groin level, have a spear-like shape and is stroked and fingered in order for music to be produced. Does this not speak volumes about the evolution of our species?  The Male Instinct To “Peacock”  	From an evolutionary perspective, “Nice guys finish last” could not be more on the mark. Nature has a tendency to reward those that stand out from the pack. And, usually those that stand out from the pack are the people who do not hesitate to step in front of the spotlight.  For a man to dawn the cape of a Rock Star, he then fits into the category of “fit” within the overused statement, “survival of the fittest”. We want to be and/or have sex with the Rock Star.  For all of those kids who listened to rock music, can you name a single one who did not fantasize about being Jimmy Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen or Kurt Cobain? And, why did we have that fantasy? Because we wanted fun, fame and… the absolute promise of sex with people who would be far more attractive then we could normally have sex with.  Once again from an evolutionary perspective, the whole point of life is to make sure that your genes survive the test of time. And to that ancient, and primitive section of the brain that still exists within the Stone Age, being a Rock Star is a perfect way of ensuring that you have the opportunity to make a lot of babies and carry on your genetic code.  The Sublimity Of Rock & Roll  	Immanuel Kant believed that something is dynamically sublime when a person is in awe of its presence. When something is so large and vast that it engulfs you. Within its presence, all you are aware of is its existence at that one moment in time. And instinctually, you feel a twinge of fear due to how grand it is in comparison to you. 	 I have always felt that Rock & Roll was beautiful and powerful, but it was not until October of 2007 that I realized that rock could also be sublime if the conditions were just right. In a small rock bar in Chicago, I went to see Boris. Before the show began, the band’s crew turned the fog machines on and filled the entire space with fog. When the stage lights were turned on, the fog diffused the light so well that all I could see was one solid color. My vision was basically nullified. And then, the music began.  With the amps cranked to 11, I was bombarded by sound. Even though there were five rows of people between the sound’s source and me, I could feel the sound waves push their way through me. Once again I feel the need to stress this point; every inch of my being was bombarded by sound. I felt complete awe and a slight twinge of fear because I was experiencing something so intense and all consuming. Eventually I became aware that the physical force of the sound was disturbing the natural rhythm of my own body. I could not breath properly because the sound waves were forcing air into me. My diaphragm was unable to move regularly due to the sound waves disturbing its movements. My heartbeat was irregular, partially due to the slight fear I was experiencing, but mostly due to the sound waves beating against my chest. It was at this point that I knew that Immanuel Kant was not just providing his thoughts on what is sublime, but was also predicting Rock & Roll. 	Arthur Schopenhauer stated that music is the ultimate art form. I completely agree with this statement.
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