While most artists feel the need to sketch the various ideas that bubble up to the surface of their consciousness as a means of capturing them before they slip back into the dark ether that exists within the back of their minds, I have always found sketching to be far too time consuming. By the time I can take a pencil to paper, I can already feel the idea slipping. And by the time I can create form on paper with pencil, the idea has become bored with me and slinks back into the dark.  	But, writing has always been one of my stronger abilities. My writing has always acted as a device to charm an idea. As I write, the idea begins to dance. Soon the idea invites its friends to come play. Within no time at all, what was one singular idea has now become a complicated and endless waltz of intertwined ideas. 	For every piece of artwork I have created, there has also been a piece of writing that corresponds. These performance scores, essays, short stories and mental meanderings, while sometimes seeming off topic, have been the corner stone of each of my pieces. They are the first and last resource used within my artistic process, even if the artwork has strayed so far away from the piece of writing that inspired it. I would like to use this opportunity to share these writings with you.
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Love Letter
Child's Toy
Cock Rock
Smear #1
Smear #2
A Memory
A Fondness For Antiheros